Enkon Consultancy Services Mr. Rohan Tavare
(Management Consultant, Lead Auditor and CEO Coach)

Government of Maharashtra
Maharashtra Government Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi Smirti Kaushal Vikas Netriutva
Award Winner 2019

Aadhar Bharat Parivartan Parishad Aadhar Ratna Awards Winner 2017-2018 & 2018-2019


About Us

ENKON CONSULTANCY SERVICES is one of the leading Consulting and Training organization, specializing in all areas of Quality, Safety, Health, Environment, Social Responsibility, Information Security and IT Infrastructure Management System through our unique Process Improvement Methodology.

ENKON CONSULTANCY SERVICES, one of the leading management system consultancy organizations of young, talented and experienced management systems professionals with invaluable experience of more than 260 Companies with full commitment who enrich values to our invaluable customers.

We have offered successfully turnkey consultancy to many organizations to implement Quality Management Practices. We have clientele base which covers industries like Engineering, Automobiles, Recruitment Consultancy, shipping industry, Plastic, Logistics, Textile etc.


Know Our Process

Lead Auditor of Quality Management System(QMS) Certificate No - 6990127 CQAS
Lead Auditor of Environment Management System (EMS) Certificate No - 6990128 CQAS
Lead Auditor of Occupation Health & Safety Management System (EMS) Certificate No- 6990129 CQAS
Lead Auditor of Food Safety Management System (EMS) Certificate No - 6990132 CQAS
Lead Auditor of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certificate No - 6990143 CQAS

Upcoming Schedule of Training Programs

Subject Location Date Time
What is Real Meaning of Quality Online 22-Apr-2021 Online
Eight Dimensions of Quality Online 22-Apr-2021 Online
Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control Online 23-Apr-2021 Online
Cost of Good Quality vs. Cost of Poor Quality Online 23-Apr-2021 Online

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ENKON CONSULTANCY SERVICES Provides Consultancy And Certification For The Following System Standards:

No. Certification Description
1 ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
2 ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System
3 ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Series
4 ISO 27000:2016 Information Security Management System
5 HACCP Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points
6 ISO 22001:2005 Food Safety Management System
7 ISO 13485:201 Quality Management System for Medical Devices Manufacturer
8 SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard
9 WRAP Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production
No. Certification Description
10 GMP Good Manufacturing Practices who pre-qualification
11 C-GMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices. Drug Product Quality
12 TS/ISO 16949:2016 Requirements For Automotive Production And Relevant Service Part Organizations
13 GREEN CERTIFICATION Corporate Social Responsibility And Environmental Protection
14 ISO 10002:2004 Complaint Management System Consultation And Guidance For Certification
15 ISO 10003:2007 Quality Management towards customer satisfaction

ENKON CONSULTANCY SERVICES Arranges For And Provides The Following Product Marking Certification:

No. Certification Description
1 CE CE Marking [Conformity European]
2 ROHS Restriction Of Hazardous Substances
3 GOST-R Gost - R Mark [Indispensable for [Export to Russia]
No. Certification Description
4 HALAL Export / Import of Meat Products
5 KOSHER Food Certification abide by the Jewish Laws
6 ISI Indian Standard Institution Mark